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Designed for you. Made By Liat.

Based in New Zealand. Designing Worldwide.

Design, Branding &

Web Design.

Got big dreams for your brand and looking for support to bring it to life? You’re in the right place. I'm here to help design your brand and grow your biz, making sure every detail is customized for you.

Let’s give your business the glow up it deserves.




I'm Liat 


The creative mind behind MBL, I play many roles from designer, developer, brand specialist, consultant and coffee lover. When I'm not glued to my computer you can find me playing with my pup Dobby or adventuring with my hubby. 

My experience and skills combined, allow your business to thrive and visually speak to your ideal client, shopper, listener, etc. 

Based in Nelson, New Zealand. Creating Worldwide.

Don’t let the time zone scare you off!


"As far as quick learning, innovation & a can do attitude. Our experience here at Native Junkie, has been nothing but outstanding from working with Liat.


Her ability to understand our brand, see where the gaps were and provide an easy and professional approach has been the breath of fresh air that we needed. With genuine understanding of marketing & design tools, Liat has added invaluable structure & insight to growing and engaging with organic & suitable following.


If I were to be asked for a recommendation for help with growing your business online, building content & structure into your social media or help with your website - I would hand you over to LIAT, every single time!"

- Holly Agnew, Native Junkie